Centers of Excellence Webinars and Listening Sessions

Beginning in October 2014, the Farm Bill requires that NIFA recognize centers of excellence in research, extension, and education in the food and agricultural sciences. The legislation calls for the agency to give priority in funding to applications from centers of excellence in its research and extension competitive grant programs.

Outreach Webinars on FY 15 Center of Excellence Implementation

The Office of Grants and Financial Management at NIFA held two educational webinars to present information on the FY15 implementation of the Centers of Excellence provision from the 2014 Farm Bill.

Listen to the February 26th webinar 

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Previous Webinars

NIFA held web-based listening sessions to solicit stakeholder input. This input will help develop a process to set the priorities and scope for the Centers of Excellence. The feedback will also help ensure a process to consistently provide priority consideration for the Centers in competitive research and extension funding.