AFRI Deadlines

The Agriculture and Food Research Initiative has 38 different program area priorities found in seven Requests for Applications (RFAs) for fiscal year 2017. Each program area priority has its own deadline(s). Information about the priority including program contacts, types of projects allowed, and more can be found in Part I C of each RFA. The table below lists the program area priorities and their deadlines with links to the correct pages for more information on the program and how to apply.

Program Area Priority (Program Code) Letter of Intent
(LOI) Deadline
Agricultural Engineering (A1521) no LOI 6/8/2017
Animal Health and Disease (A1221) no LOI 6/15/2017
Animal Nutrition, Growth, and Lactation (A1231) no LOI 6/15/2017
Animal Reproduction (A1211) no LOI 6/15/2017
Animal Well-Being (A1251) no LOI 6/15/2017
Annotation of Agricultural Animal Genomes (A1202) no LOI 6/15/2017
Biomass Feedstock Genetic Development and Evaluation (A6152) no LOI 6/28/2017
Bioprocessing and Bioengineering (A1531) no LOI 6/8/2017
Climate, Land Use and Management (A3171) no LOI 7/13/2017
Critical Agricultural Research and Extension (A1701) 5/24/2017 8/9/2017
Economics, Markets and Trade (A1641) no LOI 7/6/2017
Effective Mitigation Strategies for Antimicrobial Resistance (A4171) no LOI 6/21/2017
Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (A1651) no LOI 6/15/2017
Exploratory Research (program code provided after review of Letter of Intent) accepted anytime 60 days
from date
of notification
Food Manufacturing Technologies (A1363) no LOI 6/7/2017
Foundational Knowledge of Agricultural Production Systems (A1102) no LOI 6/29/2017
Function and Efficacy of Nutrients (A1341) no LOI 7/6/2017
Improving Food Quality (A1361) no LOI 7/6/2017
Innovation for Rural Entrepreneurs and Communities (A1661) no LOI 7/27/2017
Integrated Approaches to Prevent Childhood Obesity (A2101) no LOI 6/28/2017
Lignin or Nano-cellulosic Co-Products from Biomass Feedstocks (A6162) no LOI 6/28/2017
Nanotechnology for Agricultural and Food Systems (A1511) no LOI 7/6/2017
Networks for Synthesis, Data Sharing and Management (A1411) no LOI 6/21/2017
Improving Food Safety (A1331) no LOI 7/27/2017
Pests and Beneficial Species in Agricultural Production Systems (A1112) no LOI 7/12/2017
Physiology of Agricultural Plants (A1152) no LOI 6/28/2017
Plant Breeding for Agricultural Production (A1141) no LOI 7/19/2017
Pollinator Health: Research and Application (A1113) no LOI 6/28/2017
Postdoctoral Fellowships (A7201) no LOI 6/21/2017
Predoctoral Fellowships (A7101) no LOI 6/21/2017
Professional Development for Secondary School Teachers and Educational Professionals (PD-STEP) (A7501) no LOI 6/28/2017
Research and Extension Experiences for Undergraduates (REEU) (A7401) no LOI 6/28/2017
Small and Medium-Sized Farms (A1601) no LOI 7/28/2017
Social Implications of Emerging Technologies (A1642) 6/1/2017 8/17/2017
Sustainable Agroecosystems: Functions, Processes and Management (A1401) no LOI 6/21/2017
Tools and Resources - Animal Breeding, Genetics and Genomics (A1201) no LOI 6/15/2017
Understanding Antimicrobial Resistance (A1362) no LOI 7/6/2017
Water for Food Production Systems (A9101) 5/17/2017 8/2/2017