AFRI Deadlines

The Agriculture and Food Research Initiative will have numerous program area priorities in the three Requests for Applications (RFAs) for fiscal year 2018. Each program area priority has its own deadline(s). Information about the priority including program contacts, types of projects allowed, and more will be found in Part I C of each RFA when they are posted. The table below will be updated as FY 2018 RFAs are posted.

The only program from FY 2017 still open is the Exploratory Research Program, please see the information for it in the table below. Prior to posting of the FY 2018 AFRI RFAs, see the FY 2018 Budget Explanatory Notes for information available to the public.

Program Area Priority (Program Code) from FY 2018 Letter of Intent
(LOI) Deadline
Exploratory Research (program code provided after review of Letter of Intent) accepted anytime 60 days
from date
of notification
Sustainable Agricultural Systems (A9201) 6/27/18 10/10/2018