AFRI Program Timeline

Following is an approximate timeline for key steps in the FY 2019 Commodity Boards Initiative for NIFA and eligible commodity boards to jointly fund Agriculture and Food Research Initiative (AFRI) topics. This timeline is approximate, subject to change, and intended solely to provide a general sense of the timing for key milestones in the process.

AFRI Program Timeline
May 31, 2018 Federal Register Notice Published  
July 30, 2018 Deadline for Commodity Boards to submit topics for inclusion in FY2018 AFRI Requests for Applications (RFAs) 60 days
August 29, 2018 NIFA notifies Commodity Boards of decision to include or not include suggested topics in upcoming RFAs, sends a Collection Agreement to Commodity Boards for accepted topics 30 days
September 28, 2018 Commodity Boards return signed Collection Agreement 30 days
October 12, 2018 Commodity Boards deposit required funds in escrow account 14 days
Approximately February 2019 AFRI RFAs released  
TBD Grant Applications Submission Deadlines Approximately 60-90 days after release of RFA
TBD Deadline for grant applicants to provide letters of support from Commodity Boards 60 days after respective grant application deadline
TBD* NIFA informs Commodity Boards of peer panel review and decisions regarding projects they supported Approximately 21 days after peer panel review of grant applications
TBD Commodity Board transfers funds from escrow account to NIFA Deposit Account 5 days after NIFA notification to Commodity Board of peer panel review and decisions regarding proposals they supported

* NIFA hopes to complete the peer reviews and funding decisions for the Foundational and Applied Science programs and the Education and Workforce Development Program in September 2019.