4-H "One-Health" STEM Program Partners with Tribes

Thursday, October 5, 2017
The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension 4-H program partnered with the Colorado River Indian Tribes and several colleges at the University of Arizona for a 4-H STEM Discovery Camp, a first-ever program to expose students to the University, and STEM careers. About 30 students from the La Paz County/Colorado River Indian Tribes 4-H Program in Parker, Arizona, visited the University of Arizona to learn about STEM education and health and agricultural sciences career opportunities in November 2016.

The students visited the UA College of Pharmacy, where they made hand-sanitizer; participated in hands-on learning about dairy production in Arizona; took a tour of the food product and safety lab; learned about horses with UA Cooperative Extension Equine Experts.

"Together we're merging animal science with human science and bridging that," said Dr. Gerardo Lopez, Extension Specialist in 4-H STEM Youth Development, and Assistant Professor.

Read more about the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension 4-H program at the UA Extension site. Image provided by Faith Schwartz-University of Arizona.

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