Dewing Right for Food Storage

Thursday, November 29, 2018

$10,000 a year. That’s the amount of money Chris Callahan, University of Vermont (UVM) Extension agricultural engineer, predicts his invention could save artisanal cheese and meat producers. Produce growers would save too: an annual average of $6,500. The invention, “DewRight,” measures temperature and humidity in high-humidity environments, like those required by food storage and processing facilities. Existing sensors give readings that may be off by as much as 6 percent and have a high failure rate in high-humidity environments. DewRight improves that accuracy by 67 percent and uses a design more suitable to that environment. This can result in reduced spoilage and increased yield and quality. Vermont Energy Control Systems took Callahan’s patent to the next level by working with UVM Innovations to license and develop it commercially. DewRight is currently in use at 10 facilities.

NIFA supports this research effort through Capacity and Smith-Lever funding.

Contact: Chris Callahan, University of Vermont Extension.

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