Improved Wheat Varieties Help Minnesota Farmers

Friday, December 7, 2018

Minnesota wheat farmers need new high yield and disease-resistant wheat varieties, and education and outreach aimed at specific locations within the state to help them improve profitability. Researchers and extension specialists at the University of Minnesota (UMN) test the strengths and weaknesses of new wheat varieties at more than 5,000 yield plots per year, seeking the best candidates for release. Four new varieties released by the university over the last five years, now account for over 50 percent of the wheat acreage planted in the state. Despite being planted on less acreage, wheat harvests hit a nearly record-breaking 67 bushels per acre in 2017.

NIFA supports the University of Minnesota's Cooperative Extension System (CES) to provide research-based information to its range of audiences.

Read the full impact of wheat varieties at UMN's website.

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