Weed Less, Grow More with Mulch

Monday, March 12, 2018
Gardeners may improve their soil and weed control with organic mulch, according to research at Michigan State University’s (MSU) Extension Office. Mulch can be used in nearly every garden setting to prevent weeds from growing. Prevention is the best defense against a weedy garden. Mulch may smother annual weed seeds and reduce or eliminate cultivation, hand weeding, and chemical weed control, while contributing beneficial organic matter.

An MSU study demonstrated that organic mulch regulates soil temperatures by as much as 18 degrees at mid-day, which allows moisture levels to remain more consistent and diminishes moisture losses. A caution, though: Mulching may decrease the need for watering, but does not eliminate it.

NIFA supports the research with the Crop Protection and Pest Management Program.

Read the full article at MSU Extension. Photo courtesy of Bert Cregg, MSU.

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