CYFERnet SEARCH brings together the best children, youth, and family resources of all the public land-grant universities in the country. Materials are carefully reviewed by college and university faculty to ensure the information posted is research based and of highest program quality.

CYFERnet SEARCH is a new and innovative evaluation capacity-building website, launched by the CYFERnet Evaluation Team at the University of Arizona.  The CYFERnet SEARCH site offers numerous interactive features including online logic model and survey builders, which are designed to support and enhance program evaluation capacity.  Additional resources on the website include a listing of the seven CYFAR approved common measures (including psychometrics) in the areas of leadership development, nutrition, parenting, physical activity, science, technology, and workforce preparation; interactive learning modules addressing a variety of evaluation topics; and additional evaluation instruments that assess a wide variety of constructs.  The website was developed to support CYFAR grantees and practitioners, however the site is also available for use by the general public.  The CYFERnet SEARCH project is supported by a Children, Youth, and Families at Risk grant funded by USDA's National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).