EFNEP Evaluation, Research, Cost Benefit and Cost Effectiveness

Since 1969, EFNEP has reached more than 33 million low income families and youth. Annual program data shows that participants have enhanced their health by improving their nutrition, food safety, and physical activity practices.

Additionally, EFNEP’s unique position within USDA and the land-grant universities provides a strong research-base for outreach and educational interventions. As such, EFNEP has been the subject and delivery mode for many creative strategies to advance the field of nutrition education.

Although research is limited, there is some evidence that improved behaviors are sustained (EFNEP Research Database). Links to EFNEP related research and various cost benefit/effectiveness studies are included below.

EFNEP Related Research

EFNEP Research Database (external link)
EFNEP Research Studies 1989-2008
5 Year Comparison of EFNEP Results by Race and Ethnicity 2007-2011 Data
Regional Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Centers of Excellence (RNECE)

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Cost Benefit Studies