11th International Conference on Recirculating Aquaculture and the 2016 Aquaculture Innovation Workshop

The Recirculating Aquaculture conference features presentations and poster sessions from leading experts in recirculating aquaculture --- well over 80 papers will be showcased during the event. Ample time is allotted during all sessions for questions and free discussion. To date, over 3700 people from more than 30 countries worldwide have attended our conferences and also know first hand about our trade show, where industry, producers, and researchers can discuss problems and solutions in a comfortable, unhurried atmosphere.


Equipment manufacturers, company representatives, producers, researchers, regulators, investors, and others gather in the trade show area to discuss the challenges and breakthroughs in recirculating aquaculture. The 2016 conference promotes both structured and informal learning opportunities. Sessions and industry representatives will reflect the state of recirculating aquaculture.

Building on past workshops, Aquaculture Innovation Workshop 2016, has attracted a strong international audience of over 130 attendees representing eight countries.  The registration list includes the largest entities in the land-based technology sector from research and design, equipment, project construction and delivery, investors and owners, seafood policy and the value chain.  The fast-growing global community of stakeholders engaged in advancing technologies that improve the environmental sustainability of finfish aquaculture and build better aquaculture businesses is strongly represented.

The conference and workshop will be held August 19-21, 2016 in Roanoke, Va. For more information, visit the conference's website

Event Details

Start Date:
Friday, August 19, 2016 - 3:30am
End Date:
Sunday, August 21, 2016 - 2:00pm
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