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Bacteria Can Lead to Insect Population Control

Researchers from Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, and Yale University, Connecticut, have discovered genes from a common bacterium that can be utilized to sterilize male insects.

Buying Local Dairy May Have Unexpected Effects

If more Northeast consumers buy local dairy, that could have some positive and negative effects on the supply chain, according to research from Penn State and Cornell universities.

Natural Plant Could Help Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease

A natural defense that helps plants ward off insect predators could lead to better crops and new treatments for cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, as discovered by NIFA-supported researchers at Washington State University (WSU).

The Declining Flight of the Bumble Bee

New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest is home to nearly 140 species of native bees, including two species of native bumble bees that are in decline in the Northeast.

Goat Milk?

This growing demand for reduced-fat dairy products to maintain health and avoid diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and obesity has spurred dairy goat researchers at Fort Valley State University in Fort Valley, Ga., to conduct research on reduced-fat goat milk products such as cheese, yogurt and ice cream, which may increase consumer demand and boost the sustainability of the dairy goat industry.

Grass Fungus May Cost $1 Billion

Grass fungus may cause $1 billion in annual livestock production losses.

New Farm-based Research Guide Now Available

A new educational resource is available from Sustainable Agriculture Research Education (SARE).

Feeding Candy to Cattle Helps Producers Save Cash

News circulated earlier this year about a truck hauling Skittles® candy to a producer in Wisconsin.

Improving Lives in Rural America

The University of Wyoming Extension delivers multiple agricultural programs in communities throughout the state.