Food safety, nutrition, and health

Phenols in Purple Corn Fight Diabetes and Obesity in Mouse Cells

Scientists at the University of Illinois (U of I) have developed new hybrids of purple corn containing different combinations of phytochemicals that may fight obesity, inflammation, and diabetes, according to a new study in mice.

Produce Life and Quality

Fruits and vegetables are essential components of a healthy diet and can decrease the risk of chronic disease.

Cal State Fullerton's Arboretum Grows Next Gen Farmers

Lady bugs are a sign of good luck, but this group isn’t relying on ladybugs to bring luck to their crops. In fact, science is at the root of their flourishing farm. This article was originally published April 3, 2019, by Spectrum News.

Potluck Panic! Teaches Students Food Safety

With support from a NIFA award (2012-70003-20059), University of Delaware Food Science and New Mexico State University Media Productions created and assessed an interactive web-based food safety game, Potluck Panic!.

EFNEP at 50: Half a Century of Improving Health, Well-Being

Millions of Americans struggle every day to make ends meet, and every day there are people helping them to lead healthier lives.

Avocado Seed Extract Shows Promise as Anti-Inflammatory Compound

The discovery could be important because cancer, cardiovascular diseases, arthritis, colitis and many more serious conditions are associated with chronic inflammation.

Canopy Modification for Macadamia Nut Orchards

The University of Hawaii's Alyssa Cho showed that pruning the canopy in macadamia orchards reduces populations of a key pest, felted coccid, by half.

SERS-Based Sensing Platform Detects Contaminants

Fresh produce is increasingly associated with chemical and biological contaminants, such as pesticides and foodborne pathogens.

Farms to Food Banks in Kentucky

In 2017, The Kentucky Association of Food Banks received a $400,000 Community Food Projects grant for the Farms To Food Banks Capacity Building project.

TSU Identifies Safer Shopping Practices

When discussing farm-to-fork food safety, it’s common to overlook consumer behavior in the store. Researchers at Tennessee State University report that over 60 percent of surfaces of meat packages are contaminated with meat juice, which transfers to shoppers' hands and grocery carts.