Food safety, nutrition, and health

Rural Population Change in the United States

Rural areas comprise 72 percent of the nation’s land area and 46 million of its people.

Training Growers on Food Safety

With support from NIFA's Food Safety Outreach Program, the University of Florida launched the Southern Center for Training, Education, Extension, Outreach, and Technical Assistance to Enhance Produce Safety. The Southern Center seeks to build a collaborative infrastructure in southern states to support produce safety training and education that is compliant with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Urban Farm in Arizona

Tucson Village Farm (TVF) is a working urban farm built by and for the youth of Pima County, Arizona. A 4-H program from the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, TVF is a seed-to-table program that reconnects young people to a healthy food system, teaches them how to grow and prepare fresh food, food budgeting, and empowers them to make healthy life choices.

Improving Ethylene Inhibitors to Increase Shelf Life

Hazel Technologies, in Skokie, Illinois, is taking industrial-level application of ethylene inhibitors and downsizing it to a continuous application method at the box level.

Impacts of Stress on Animal Welfare and Performance

Environmental and management conditions can stress livestock and impair their health.

Volunteers Donate Thousands of Pounds of Produce

In northeast Kansas recently, volunteers quickly and quietly moved through a field, picking ripe tomatoes and peppers.

3-D Crop Imaging Helps Farmers Estimate Plant Height

Drones may soon help plant breeders and agronomists save time and money.

Pumpkin Genomes Sequenced, Reveals Uncommon Evolutionary History

For some, pumpkins conjure carved Halloween decorations, but for many people around the world, these gourds provide nutrition.

Tomato Food Safety Innovation

​Researchers at the University of Nevada set out to determine whether engineered nanoparticles accumulate in fresh produce and, if so, to find a way to degrade them to reduce any potential food safety risk.

Urban Oasis in Ohio

Urban GEMS (Gardening Entrepreneurs Motivating Sustainability), uses gardening to engage at-risk youth in Franklin and Mahoning Counties, where communities face high rates of poverty, health issues, unemployment, and food insecurity. The program receives support from NIFA’s Children, Youth and Families at Risk (CYFAR) grant program.