Plant health, production, and products

Wine, Water and California

In San Joaquin Valley, California, researchers are investigating the benefits of using machines to manage growth and production of wine grape vines.

Making a Refuge for Crops

A study at North Carolina State University (NCSU) revealed a significant shortfall in the amount of refuge cropland being planted in North Carolina, likely increasing the rate at which pests evolve the ability to eat Bt crops.

Strawberry Fields Forever

"The Favored Strawberry" is a new documentary that highlights the immigrants, scientists, and extension specialists whose work affects all aspects of strawberry production. The film, overseen by the University of Arkansas, is part of the National Strawberry Sustainability Initiative.

Mixing Reverses Pest Resistance to Biotech Cotton

Researchers at University of Arizona (UA) and Beijing’s Institute of Plant Protection discovered an unexpected strategy that can delay, and even reverse, the evolution of resistance by pests to genetically engineered crops. NIFA supports the research through the Biotechnology Risk Assessment Grant Program.

Predatory Insect May Help with Whitefly Control

Scientists at the University of Florida (UF)have found an insect predator that may help greenhouse tomato growers manage populations of the sweet potato whitefly when used as part of an integrated pest management system (IPM). NIFA supported this research through a NIFA IPM Enhancement Grant.

Parasitoids May Control Emerald Ash Borer Population

Researches at University of Kentucky’s Forest Entomology Lab have discovered a closely related native ash borer species that is kept in check by natural enemies, parasitoids. Researchers are investigating whether the native parasitoid can discover and control the invasive emerald ash borer.

Discovering Virus-Resistant Peanuts

Researchers at Auburn University are using NIFA funding to identify molecular markers directly linked to these two challenges.

Rose Disease is Not Sweet

Scientists at Texas A&M University (TAMU), USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS), University of Arkansas (UK) and other research institutions are investigating a deadly rose disease called Rose Rosetta Disease. NIFA supports the research through the Specialty Crop Research Initiative.

Cattle and Soil Health

Soil health is an underappreciated, but critical element in a thriving agroecosystem.

Wood Pellets Outperform Fossil Fuels, Natural Gas in Reducing Greenhouse Gases

The research team of University of New Hampshire (UNH) and Spatial Informatics Group in Pleasanton, California, discovered that using wood pellet fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 54 percent vs. home heating oil, and by 59 percent vs. natural gas.