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The application package for this funding opportunity has been updated. If you downloaded the application package for this funding opportunity from before May 22, 2017, you MUST download and use the new application package. Using the old application package will result in an error message (“OPP_EXIST_ERROR FATAL”) preventing submission. This only affects the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative Foundational Program, Resilient Agroecosystems in a Changing Climate Challenge Area, and Water for Food Production Systems Challenge Area Requests for Applications.

This program area supports research on healthy agroecosystems and their underlying natural resources that are essential to the sustained long-term production of agricultural goods and services. Agro-ecosystems  may include crop production systems, animal, livestock, or integrated crop-livestock, production systems including harvested forages and feeds, pastures, range and forest lands that are actively managed to provide economic, societal, and environmental benefits for individuals, communities, and society at large. Projects funded through this program area contribute use-inspired foundational knowledge needed for sustainable production of agroecosystems while retaining needed ecosystem services. Single-function Research Projects and Food and Agricultural Science Enhancement (FASE) Grants are expected to address one of the Program Area Priorities of the Bioenergy, Natural Resources, and Environment area (see Foundational Program RFA for details).

Eligibility Details

Who Is Eligible to Apply:
1862 Land-Grant Institutions, 1890 Land-Grant Institutions, 1994 Land-Grant Institutions, For-profit Organizations Other Than Small Businesses, Hispanic-Serving Institutions, Individuals, Other or Additional Information (See below), Private Institutions of Higher Ed, Small Business, State Agricultural Experiment Stations, State Controlled Institutions of Higher Ed
More on Eligibility:
The list above is abbreviated. Others may be eligible to apply. Eligibility may differ based on project types. See Bioenergy, Natural Resources, and Environment Program Area in the current AFRI Foundational Program RFA for the requested project types. Please refer to Part III, A of the current Foundational Program RFA for eligibility requirements. Applications from ineligible institutions will not be reviewed.

Important Dates

Posted Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Closing Date:
Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Other Due Date:
Sustainable Agroecosystems: Functions, Processes and Management: Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Letter of Intent not required for this Program Area Priority
| Networks for Synthesis, Data Sharing and Management: Wednesday, June 21, 2017
Letter of Intent not required for this Program Area Priority

Additional Information

For More Information Contact:
Nancy Cavallaro
Contact for Electronic Access Problems:
Funding Opportunity Number:
CFDA number:
Previous fiscal year(s) RFA:
Estimated Total Program Funding:
Cost Sharing or Matching Requirement:
For equipment grants and if commodity specific. See RFA for details.
Range of Awards:
$0 - $500,000