International Positive Youth Development

The importance of positive youth development in the United States and around the world is widely recognized. Wherever they live, young people are a treasure, and their maturation into productive adults depends on careful and creative attention. It is USDA/NIFA’s policy to promote positive youth development in the United States, and to draw upon that deep experience to assist with positive youth development activities around the world.

As resources permit, NIFA stands ready to provide relevant American experience and expertise for positive youth development programs.  In so doing, we anticipate that much will be learned from overseas experts as well.
By fostering leadership, citizenship and entrepreneurship skills of young people, NIFA’s renewed emphasis on international positive youth development.  It also responds to the active level of interest expressed by stakeholders in other countries such as Ministries of Agriculture, non-governmental organizations and others focused on youth development; many countries are experiencing growth in the number of rural youth, and are keen to address the pressing needs of their young people. 

International Positive Youth Development Fact Sheet
International Positive Youth Development Concept Paper