WebNEERS - User Manual, Training Modules & Other Resources

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

This resource provides WebNEERS users with written instructions and training modules for WebNEERS. Module durations are noted parenthetically.

WebNEERS User Manual

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Type Modules & Other Resources

Overview Materials
WebNEERS System
Region Level (Adults, Youth Groups, Staff)
  • Training Module (39:37)
Browse Screens & Summary Reports
  • Training Module (11:04)
Type Modules & Other Resources
System Setup Materials
System Configuration
  • Training Module (17:06)
Setup Options (Subgroups, Filters)
Additional Checklist Questions
  • Training Module (8:19)
Type Modules & Other Resources
Advanced Features and Techniques
Add Your Own Question
Understanding WebNEERS Reports
Understanding and Highlighting Program Impact
Creating a Sampling Plan