Nutrition and Food Safety Directory

Land-grant universities and other partners play an essential role in helping the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) fulfill its food safety and nutrition mission. Coordination and cooperation among partners is strongly encouraged to achieve program success. Use this directory to find contact information for food safety and nutrition education partners.

Name Statesort descending Email Location Phone Number Specialty
P. Davidson Tennessee University of Tennessee (865) 974-0098 Food Safety Specialists
Janie Burney Tennessee University of Tennessee (865) 974-7402 Food Safety Specialists
Jenna Anding Texas Texas A&M University 979-847-9228 SNAP-Ed
Alejandro Castillo Texas Texas A&M University (979) 845-3565 Food Safety Specialists
Carolyn Bednar Texas Texas Woman's University (940) 898-2658 Food Safety Specialists
Shiquan Tao Texas West Texas A&M University 806-651-2539 Food Safety Specialists
Jr Nathan F. Bauer Texas USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service Office of Public Health Science (979) 260-9409 Food Safety Specialists
Gary Acuff Texas Texas A&M University (979) 845-1543 Food Safety Specialists
Rosemary Schoenfeld Texas 919-862-3932 SNAP-Ed
Elaine Freeney Texas Prairie View A&M University 713-440-4984 EFNEP,, SNAP-Ed