Division of Animal Systems

The Division of Animal Systems promotes livestock, poultry, and aquaculture production systems that are efficient, economically competitive, and environmentally sound.

Our programs help to ensure a high quality, quantity, and diversity of animal products as components of healthful diets; improve the security, safety, and resilience of the food supply; and improve the competitiveness and sustainability of animal agriculture.


  • Support animal disease diagnostics, applied research, regional coordination, and  information dissemination
  • Determine how to measure well-being in animals, improve methods of care, and monitor animal responses to stressful situations
  • Fund research in fertility and other aspects of reproduction, nutrition, and growth in livestock and aquaculture species
  • Improve animal nutrition and growth-nutrient utilization
  • Provide leadership for all federal aquaculture programs to support a rapidly increasing demand for seafood
  • Enhance biosecurity through prevention and monitoring of disease outbreaks and outreach to producers and public