Division of Environmental Systems

The Division of Environmental Systems supports the establishment of practices that restore the nation’s environment and natural resources and advance conservation efforts. Increasing water shortages, loss of topsoil, reduced biological diversity, and loss of habitat are among the issues that significantly affect the sustainability of agriculture and slow or reverse the expansion of agricultural goods and services. The Division of Environmental Systems supports programs that seek to establish sustainable and adaptive agricultural, forest, and rangeland production systems to address these issues.


  • Improve the quality of the nation’s air, soil, and water
  • Manage wildlife to reduce harm and damage
  • Implement sustainable agricultural, environment, and natural resource practices for farms, forests, wildlife, and rangelands
  • Develop water management solutions that address critical watershed problems
  • Support small businesses’ development of innovative technologies designed to help industry implement sustainable environmental practices
  • Improve the quality of the nation’s surface water and groundwater resources
  • Discover scientific solutions for maintenance and restoration of the nation’s farm, forest rangeland ecosystems
  • Build land-grant institutions’ capacity for forestry and natural resource research and extension services