Policy and Oversight Division

The Policy and Oversight Division (POD) develops both internal and external policy and regulatory guidance for grants.

POD provides technical assistance to program managers, makes grant application packages available to the public through the Grants.gov website, and requests legal interpretations of legislation and regulations.

POD is responsible for a range of grant functions including development of internal and external policy and regulatory guidance for grants; establishment of indirect cost rates; audit resolution; review of grantees’ accounting systems;  complaint resolution;  and coordination of Office of Inspector General/Government Accountability audit activity


  • Effectively coordinate all grant-related processes within the agency
  • Accurately review and approve all Requests for Applications (RFA) for public release 
  • Assist grantees in developing systems to adequately account for federal funds
  • Safeguard federal funds by ensuring funds are spent for their intended purpose
  • Ensure grantee financial compliance with federal regulations