Plan of Work (POW) and REEport Integration: Institutional Profile

Institutional Profile is a concept for the Plan of Work (POW) redesign. The concept is fundamental to achieving the recommendations disclosed in the 2015 Plan of Work Panel of Experts Final Report, and supports reporting requirements mandated by the Agricultural Research, Extension, and Educational Reform Act of 1998 (AREERA).

Eligible land-grant universities (LGUs) receiving federal funding under 4 NIFA-administered agricultural research and extension capacity grant programs are subject to AREERA reporting requirements. These research and extension programs include Hatch Act of 1887, Evans-Allen Research Program, Smith-Lever sections 3(b) and 3(c), and the Agricultural Extension at 1890 Land-Grant Institutions program.

The POW Panel of Experts made several recommendations to NIFA leadership and efforts are underway to realize the recommendations outlined in the report. The effort is a phased approach, with the release of a new POW report (Institutional Profile) in October 2018 for FY 2020 Plan of Work report submission.

The current POW system will be available for completing all FY 2018 and FY 2019 POW reporting activities. The Institutional Profile module is available for FY 2020 Plan of Work reporting activities and reporting fiscal years later than FY 2020.

All of these milestone will include POW information collection integration with REEport information collection data with the goal of streamlining and optimizing reporting efficiency, when possible.

NIFA looks forward to working closely with our land-grant partners for the second phase of the POW/REEPort integration effort to include the development of an extension program initiation in the REEport system.

Status of the Plan of Work Redesign: Institutional Profile

The Institutional Profile module will be available in fall 2018 to begin FY 2020 Plan of Work data collection due June 1, 2019. The bulk of the reporting is required by the AREERA legislation, and will largely remain unaltered in both form and function. New features include a streamlined dashboard to manage AREERA reporting, streamlined reporting requirements and reduced data entry, and the addition of state-defined critical issues.

The biggest impact for the redesign will be on the section currently known as Planned Programs, which will be renamed to Critical Issues, and comprises the bulk of POW reporting. This is more in keeping with the AREERA legislation, which mandates institutions consult with stakeholders to identify the critical issues within their state, and then indicate how planned projects and programs are targeted to address these issues.

Release History

Release 1.0
  • Release Date: October 19, 2018
  • Highlights: The new Institutional Profile, part of the POW redesign, was released to LGU partners. State-defined critical issues replaced existing planned programs in the new design.
Release 1.1
  • Release Date: March 22, 2019
  • Highlights:
    • New role-based functionality allows REEport site administrators to manage POW reporting roles in the Institutional Profile.
    • NIFA's Science Emphasis Areas (SEAs) associations to critical issues have been added to the POW reporting requirements.
    • A REEport-related update to add new extension sites within the system was made in anticipation of future extension program initiation reporting requirements.

Please visit Plan of Work (POW)/REEport Integration: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for additional details on Institutional Profile and POW/REEport redesign efforts. 

If you are looking for how NIFA's SEAs map to the Manual of Classification Knowledge Areas, visit the Plan of Work (POW) and REEport Integration: Science Emphasis Area (SEA) and Knowledge Area (KA) Connection resource for more information.

The Institutional Profile module is available through the NIFA Reporting Portal.  For additional guidance on how to access and use the Institutional Profile module, please visit Plan of Work (POW) and REEport Integration: Institutional Profile User Guides.

To view the most recent Federal Register Notice announcing NIFA’s intention to extend and revise a currently approved information collection, please visit “Reporting Requirements for State Plans of Work for Agricultural Research and Extension Formula Funds” notice on the official Federal Register site.

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For more background information and details on the overall Plan of Work and REEport Integration initiation, please visit Plan of Work (POW) and REEport Integration.

For questions and concerns regarding the new Plan of Work, known as Institutional Profile, please contact