Policy Guide

The NIFA Federal Assistance Policy Guide (i.e., the Policy Guide) describes the statutory and regulatory responsibilities of NIFA federally-funded recipients.

The NIFA Federal Assistance Policy Guide was updated on October 5, 2018. Although the document is available for download, we continue to solicit stakeholders’ input so that it can be revised further to address users’ concerns. The Policy Guide is a single document for information formerly provided by a variety of manuals; a single document is much more user-friendly for NIFA staff and grantees. Feedback can be submitted to policyguide@nifa.usda.gov.

The Policy Guide provides comprehensive guidance on:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Application and review processes
  • Award notification and administration procedures
  • Award terms and conditions
  • Uniform administrative requirements
  • Allowable costs
  • Reporting requirements
  • Close-out procedures
  • Audit requirements

Resolution of comments

NIFA posted a draft version of the 2018 Policy Guide for public review and comment. The Office of Grants and Financial Management reviewed all comments submitted and made edits to the Policy Guide where appropriate. In cases where comments were not addressed, NIFA prepared a matrix of the comments submitted, with explanations as to why the comments were not addressed. Comments that were addressed with edits in the Policy Guide were not included in the matrix.