4-H Healthy Living

The 4-H program has addressed healthy food and nutrition since its inception in 1902. In an effort to stem the national health crisis of the 21st century, we must ensure that our nation’s youth and their families learn how to make healthy decisions related to the food they prepare and eat and the behaviors in which they engage.

General Information

The goal of 4-H Healthy Living programming is to provide developmentally appropriate learning opportunities that promote optimal physical, social, and emotional well-being for youth and their families. 4-H National Headquarters contributes to this goal through three primary efforts.

  1. Intentional outreach and partnerships with public and private health programs.
  2. Providing and/or promoting opportunities that build the capacity of 4-H to develop, implement, and evaluate high quality youth health programming.
  3. Providing and/or promoting opportunities that prepare youth with the health and well-being skills needs to be ready for work and ready for life. 
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Emphasis Area Program
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