AFRI Foundational and Applied Science Program

The AFRI Foundational and Applied Science Program focuses on building a foundation of fundamental and applied knowledge in food and agricultural sciences critical for solving current and future societal challenges.


The AFRI Foundational and Applied Science Program supports grants in six priority areas:

The program supports single-function and integrated research projects as standard, conference, and Food and Agricultural Science Enhancement (FASE) grants.

Food and Agriculture Cyberinformatics and Tools (FACT) Initiative

The FACT Initiative seeks to catalyze activities that harness big data for synthesizing new knowledge, making predictive decisions, and fostering data-supported innovation in agriculture. Within the AFRI Foundational and Applied Science RFA for FY 2018, FACT solicits applications that:

  • focus on fundamental or core big data analytics and tool development, and/or
  • apply big data concepts to specific science domains or across domains and sectors.

Cross-Cutting Programs

Critical Agricultural Research and Extension (CARE)

Despite prior investments in basic and applied research, critical problems continue to impede the efficient production and protection of agriculturally-important plants and animals. These problems may be local, regional, or national; often call for work in one or more scientific disciplines; and need immediate attention to meet producer needs. Finding solutions to these critical problems requires partnership and close coordination among researchers, extension experts, and producers. CARE projects are designed to yield solutions or practices that can be rapidly implemented to meet pressing needs limiting agricultural production.

Exploratory Grants

This program area supports development of innovative ideas that will position U.S. agriculture at the global forefront and lead to quantum leaps in the food and agricultural sciences. Exploratory grants fund novel projects that address challenges in the areas of food security, climate change, environmental quality and natural resources, nutrition, obesity, and food safety, and promote strong families, vibrant communities, and thriving youth.

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