Hunger & Food Security Programs

Food security means that people have access, at all times, to enough food for an active, healthy life for all household members. At a minimum, this includes: 1) readily available, nutritionally adequate, and safe foods and 2) assured ability to acquire personally acceptable foods in a socially acceptable way.

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NIFA addresses hunger and food security through research, education, and extension work within the Land-Grant University System; through federally funded state nutrition education programs; through grant programs for private nonprofits to address community food security issues; and through partnerships across USDA.

Community Food Security addresses hunger and food security at a community level, which is a systems approach including local infrastructure, economic and job security, federal food assistance, food recovery and donations, education and awareness, and community food production and marketing.

Examples of NIFA Hunger & Food Security Programs include:

Related programs include: Nutrition Programs and Obesity Prevention & Healthy Weight Programs

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