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This page is a one-stop place for insular area land-grant recipients to find information of particular interest to insular areas, including webinars, contacts, resources, grantsmanship resources, REEport links, program links, and the competitive RFA's for which insular areas are eligible.

Insular area land-grant institutions receive both capacity (formula) funds and competitive funds. NIFA is committed to providing technical assistance and resources to insular area land-grant institutions to assist them with preparing competitive grant applications, managing competitive and capacity awards, complying with grant requirements, and submitting accurate and timely reports through REEport and The following areas contain information on webinars, NIFA contacts, grantee resources, program links, REEport links, and links to competitive RFA's for which insular areas are eligible to apply.


The USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) is committed to providing regular webinars targeted for our insular area grantees.  NIFA will provide multiple webinar options to ensure there are times convenient for both insular area institutions in the Western Region as well as those in the eastern region. Topics will vary and be comprised of information that is being shared broadly with NIFA’s land-grant partners, as well as topics customized based on the needs and requests of our land-grant partners in insular areas.

Below is a listing of upcoming webinars. In the future, there will also be links to archived webinars.


NIFA State Liaisons: If you have not done so already, please get to know your NIFA State Liaison; he/she is integral to linking or connecting you to relevant NIFA resources and contacts.

Office of Grants and Financial Management (OGFM) Awards Management Division (AMD) Capacity Branch Staff List: Review this list to identify the OGFM AMD Capacity grant staff to contact with questions. For competitive grants, please see the RFA or your Notice of Award for the Grant Specialist contact.


NIFA has compiled a list of resources of interest to insular areas. The resources cross over a range of topics including agricultural education pipeline and grants management. The resources include direct links to existing information on the NIFA website, including FAQs, regulations, grant terms and conditions, and the NIFA Federal Assistance Policy Guide.

REEport Links


NIFA Competitive Funding Opportunity Webinar Resources
  • This information might be of particular interest to new or current faculty who are considering pursuing competitive grant opportunities such as NIFA’s Agriculture Food and Research Initiative (AFRI).
NIFA Peer Review Process and Grant Writing Tips for Success
  • Interested applicants should consult the information regarding Grant Writing Tips for Success before developing grant applications, and should pursue an understanding of the peer review process.



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