Renewable Resources Extension Act Capacity Grant

The Renewable Resources Extension Act provides funding for extension activities related to forestry and natural resources at land-grant universities.

The purpose of this funding is to assist states in carrying out an extension program designed to assist forest and range landowners and managers in making resource management decisions based on research findings. Forest and rangeland resources include vegetation, water, fisheries and wildlife, soil, and recreation. A RREA Strategic Plan was established for FY 2012-2016 and the priorities listed in this plan are to be the focus of RREA expenditures by recipients.


There is one reporting requirement for these funds.

Financial Reporting. Awardees are required to submit a SF-425, Federal Financial Report annually no later than 90 days after the award anniversary date. The final SF-425 is due no later than 90 days after the termination date of the grant. The form should be emailed as a PDF attachment to All questions relating to the SF-425 reports should be directed to the Administrative Contact listed in block 14 of the Award Face Sheet.

Program Type:
Grant Program
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