1994 and 1862 Land Grant Cooperation Progress Report

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

On Sept. 22-23, 2016, the National Institute of Food and Agriculture hosted a meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, for 1994 and 1862 land-grant university representatives. The meeting, themed “Engagement and Success of Land-Grant Universities and Colleges - Respecting Sovereignty, Serving the People and the Land,” was held for the purpose of having a candid and productive conversation between the 1994s and 1862s, to discuss ways to strengthen their relationship, and chart a course for a more collaborative and productive future.
According to the attendees, the meeting was positive, mutually respectful, and productive. A major outcome of the meeting was a list of six action items to be championed by various attendees. These action items include:

  1. Pursue stable capacity funding for the 1994 institutions, which is similar to the Hatch/Smith Lever funding utilized by the 1862s and the Evans-Allen/1890 Extension funding utilized by the 1890s. 1994 LGU Champion: Steve Yanni, Bay Mills Community College; 1862 LGU Champions: Barry Dunn, South Dakota State; Fred Schlutt, Alaska-Fairbanks
  2. Instill a more positive tribal orientation in NIFA. 1862 LGU Champion: Jeff Bader, Montana State; 1994 LGU Champion: To Be Announced
  3. Pilot a Land Grant University Multi/Pan-Jurisdictional Platform that provides a unique regional/multi state governance structure that provides an equal voice for all member land grant universities. 1862 LGU Champion: Tom Coon, Oklahoma State; 1994 LGU Champion: Gary Halvorson, Sitting Bull
  4. Given the comparatively quick turnover of 1994 University Presidents, provide training and mentorship early in their tenure regarding the land grant university mission. 1994 LGU Champion: Charlene Carr, Institute of American Indian Arts; 1862 LGU Champion: Bev Durgan, Minnesota
  5. Develop more opportunities for 1994s and 1862s to gather, plan, and coordinate. This could take the form of a partnership conference at the multi-state or multi-institutional level. 1862 LGU Champion: Chris Boerboom, North Dakota State; 1994 LGU Champion: Amanda Sialofi, Illisagvik
  6. Develop clearinghouse positions and/or duties at the regional or state level to encourage linkages between the 1994s and 1862 positions. 1994 LGU Champion: Brian Kowalkowski, College of the Menominee Nation; 1862 LGU Champion: Chuck Hibberd, Nebraska
A more detailed report of the meeting can be found below in "Resource File."