Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Each quarter 4-H National Headquarters creates a blog that focuses in on a specific topic being addressed through the 4-H Program. These blogs are written by the National Program Leaders (NPLs) and are designed to provide current research, best practices, and opportunities related to a current initiative by these NPLs. We hope you enjoy these blogs and find them relevant to your work.

April 2018 - 4-H's Healthy Approach to Zoonotic Diseases
January 2018 – Internships
October 2017 – Growing Together – Professionally   
October 2017 Fresh from the Field – 4-H Special Edition 
July 2017 – Walking the Talk on Inclusivity 
April 2017 – Access, Equity and Opportunity in 4-H Includes Diversity and Inclusion
January 2017 – Employability 
October 2016 – Partnerships 

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