Agroclimate Science Portfolio Strategic Plan

Friday, January 16, 2015

NIFA’s Agroclimatology program has created and maintained a diverse, yet focused, portfolio addressing climate variability and change in agriculture and natural resources systems, with a mix of natural and social sciences, mathematics, and engineering which has led towards developing a better understanding of Earth-system processes; creating sophisticated predictive models; supporting advances in data management and sharing; and is working to build an expert scientific workforce to address climate related issues in agriculture. A growing set of accomplishments have far-reaching and significant impacts on the advancement and application of global and climate change knowledge. For example, through the use of seasonal climate forecasts, which are now significantly more accurate and have longer lead times, farmers and ranchers now have critical and timely information for crop and livestock management. The NIFA Agroclimate portfolio is a major contributor to solutions of this societal challenge through its vision and mission:


Vision: Farmers, foresters, ranchers, land owners, resource managers, consumers, businesses, policymakers, and Federal agencies empowered with science-based knowledge to adapt to climate variability and change by managing the risks, challenges, and opportunities in the agricultural sectors, and mitigate impacts by reducing emissions of atmospheric greenhouse gases and enhancing carbon sequestration.


Mission: Support transformational discovery, learning and outreach programs that advance the development and delivery of agricultural science and optimize sustainable management, production, utilization and consumption of goods and services from working lands under a variable and changing climate.

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