Core Competencies - EFNEP & SNAP-Ed

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Core competencies were developed for use by both SNAP-Ed and EFNEP Coordinators. The nutrition program coordinator core competencies identify skill sets needed to be a successful state program coordinator. These competencies were developed to help state coordinators identify current strengths and areas for future professional development. The paraprofessional core competencies identify skill sets needed to be a successful paraprofessional nutrition educator. These competencies were developed to guide state coordinators and program supervisors in hiring, training, and performance management decisions.

State Nutrition Coordinator


The above resources were created by national program leaders at NIFA and professionals from various institutions. Financial support came from the land-grant universities and colleges and from NIFA.

In 2001, a national committee was convened to identify core competencies for state program coordinators under the direction of Larry Jones, Karen Konzelmann, and Wells Willis (former National Program Leaders). Gloria Green facilitated development of these competencies, and Terry Egan created an orientation manual, mentoring handbook, and core competency resource list, using the core competencies as a frame of reference.

In 2005, Susan Baker and Meredith Pearson provided leadership, along with Helen Chipman, in developing competencies for paraprofessional staff conducting SNAP-Ed. Also contributing were an expert panel of state coordinators and local supervisors, and paraprofessional staff that they recommended.