Division of Environmental Systems Portfolio Strategic Plan

Friday, January 16, 2015

2014 Progress and Implementation Report   

    NIFA’s Division of Environmental Sciences (DES) created and continues to maintain the most diverse yet focused portfolio to address both competitive and noncompetitive environmental science, education and outreach across agriculture and natural resources systems. Forged from the expertise previously aligned with CSREES’s Natural Resources and Environment (NRE) Unit and the Multidisciplinary Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) unit, DES combines at its core experts in air, water and soil with land use specialties in forest and rangeland watershed management, wildlife habitat, agriculture land conservation, and small business innovation. 

   The competitive portfolio, represented by the AFRI Renewable Energy Natural Resources and Environment Foundational, Water for Agriculture Challenge Area; National Integrated Water Quality; Soil and Water, Forests and Related Resources Small Business Innovation; Renewable Resources Extension Act National Focus Funds; and Forest Products Research programs results in a mix of funded research, engineering, technology, education and outreach in the natural, ecological and social sciences that continues to produce a better understanding of agricultural and natural resource (combined terminology is agroecological) processes.  The DES portfolio formulates through it combination of  more sophisticated yet applicable predictive models, technologies and decision support tools; challenges the agricultural science community in data management and sharing, and project evaluation; and continues to provide support for future scientists.

Points of Contact:     James P. Dobrowolski, National Program Leader, 

                                Ali Mohamed, Division Director

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