Extension Research Proposals "Improving SNAP-Ed Programs and Evaluations"

Monday, February 9, 2009

The goal of this funding initiative was to support research projects that would provide direct benefit to the delivery or evaluation of SNAP-Ed programs. The findings and recommendations are being disseminated directly to SNAP-Ed program personnel, and to the larger scientific and policy communities through publication in peer-review journals. A secondary goal was to facilitate the development of pilot projects that can form the basis for larger projects to study effective SNAP-Ed programming, funded by USDA or other sources.

We are pleased to announce the projects that were selected for funding. These grants are funded through the Extension Directors/Administrators SNAP-Ed assessment.


"Assessing the Impact of the Dialogue Approach and Optimal Education Dosage in SNAP-Ed Participants",  Ana Claudia Zubieta, Principal Investigator, Ohio State University Research Foundation 

  • Executive Summary - OH Report
  • Comprehensive Report 
  • Lessons and Materials 
  • Instruments

"Comparative Evaluation of Interactive, Facilitated-discussion and Indirect Nutrition Education Methods for SNAP-Ed Clients", Michelle L. Vineyard, Principal Investigator, University of Tennessee Extension

  • Executive Summary
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Project Overview
  • Poster 


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