Tribal Programs Legislation

This page contains the authorizing legislation that created NIFA's funding targeting Indian Country. It also explains Farm Bill changes for these programs and how they affect grant recipients.

Tribal Program Data and Outcomes

NIFA in Indian Country--by the numbers.

AFRI Interagency Programs

The Agriculture and Food Research Initiative works with other federal agencies in the United States to fund and support projects of mutual interest through Requests for Applications.

POW Final Guidelines - Federal Register Notice

POW Final Guidelines - Federal Register Notice

Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Tribal Schools

Helpful hints on IRBs in Indian Country.

HSACU Appeal Process

An institution may submit an appeal to address denial of a certification made pursuant to this part. Such appeals must be in writing and received by the HSACU Appeals Officer, Policy and Oversight Division, National Institute of Food and Agriculture, U.S. Department of Agriculture, 800 9th Street, SW, Washington, D.C. 20024 within 30 days following an announcement of institutions designated for certification.

NIFSI Competitive Projects Archives 2000 to 2011

NIFSI Food Safety projects from 2000 - 2011

REEport Quick Guides - Submit Capacity Project Initiation

As a PD at a Land-Grant Institution, you and/or your Site Administrator have the option to create a new Capacity project proposal whenever you choose. You can then submit that proposal for NIFA review and approval so that you may spend capacity funds on that project. Keep in mind that NIFA has the option to defer or decline your project initiation instead of approving it. If your project is deferred, you will always have the option to resubmit it with the changes that NIFA requested. If your project is declined, that decision is final, and the project cannot be changed or resubmitted.

REEport Quick Guide - Submit a Final Report for Capacity Projects

Quick instructions for how to submit a Final Report for a Capacity project.

REEport Cheat Sheet - Independent Affiliation

This document provides a convenient listing of some of the most salient and helpful points concerning using the REEport system. Please remember that this listing is not comprehensive and should be considered as a general guide to using REEport.