FY 2012-2016 RREA Strategic Plan

Sunday, January 1, 2012

FY 2005-2009 RREA Strategic Plan

Extension natural resource professionals from across the country have collaborated to produce a 5-year strategic plan for the Renewable Resources Extension Act (RREA) Program, Sustaining the Nation’s Forest and Rangeland Resources for Future Generations.

Congress enacted the Renewable Resources Extension Act in 1978. The legislative mandate for RREA is: “to provide for an expanded and comprehensive extension program for forest and rangeland renewable resources.”

Priority issues are:

  • Biomass for Energy;
  • Climate Variability;
  • Ecosystem Services;
  • Fish and Wildlife Resources;
  • Food Production, Safety and Security;
  • Intergenerational Land and Other Land Ownership Changes;
  • Invasive Species;
  • Urbanization;
  • Water and Wetlands.

For more information about the RREA, contact Eric Norland.

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