Just in Time (JIT) Pilot

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Just in Time Pilot

The Just in Time pilot will streamline the submission process for NIFA recipients.

  1. The programs involved in the JIT pilot are the FY 17 Higher Education Challenge (HEC) and Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program (BFRDP).
  2. Under the FY 17 RFA's for these two programs ONLY, grantee organizations will not need to submit extra documents for the award until it is determined that the award may be recommended for funding.
  3. Under JIT, the information NIFA will collect later is:
    • Felony and Tax Certification
    • Match Support
    • Subcontract Information: Statement of Work, Letter of Intent to Subcontract
    • Year-by-year budget (BFRDP will accept one budget for entire project period)
    • Current and Pending Support Form
  4. Program will prepare a notification and will send it to the project director and authorized representative within three (3) weeks of being recommended for funding by the peer review panel.
  5. Receiving a request for Just in Time information does not guarantee that the proposal will be funded, just that it is being considered.
  6. Just in time information is expected to arrive within 30-60 days of the notification (30 days maximum for BFRDP in FY2017).
  7. Further details will be provided in the Request for Applications (RFA).