McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Program Administrative Regulations Summary

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Purpose: Funds allocated to the States…for the conduct of forestry research by schools of forestry, land-grant colleges, and the State Agricultural Experiment Stations.

Policy: “All eligible institutions are required to conduct research supported with McIntire-Stennis funds and with matching funds, which comply with purposes of the McIntire Stennis Act. They are as follows: 1) reforestation and land management; 2) forest and watershed management; 3) forest and rangeland management; 4) management of forest lands for outdoor recreation; 5) protections of forest and resources against fire, insects, disease, etc; 6) utilization of wood and other forest-related products; 7) development of land management policies; and 8) studies promoting fullest and most effective use of forest resources.”

Financial Administration: McIntire-Stennis funds may be used to pay the necessary expenses of planning and direction of research, which is, or will be, supported by McIntire-Stennis funds.

  • Funds are expected to be expended in the fiscal year of appropriation.  Current policy allows an amount of up to 5 % of fiscal year allotment is available for obligation in the fiscal year immediately following the year of obligated year and must be expended by September 30.
  • Funds apportioned to the States on basis of a formula. Factors include: 1) area of non-Federal commercial forest land; 2) volume of timber cut annually; 3) total expenditures for forestry research from non-Federal sources; 4) base amount distributed equally among the States
  • Certification of Non-Federal matching funds must be submitted annually

Matching Requirements: Matching funds must be equal to or greater than the Federal allocation from McIntire-Stennis funds, used only once to match and Federal matching requirements, a proper sub-set of Non-Federal Funds, and reported on the “Certification of Offset and Entitlement”

  • Matching funds assigned to approved projects at a ratio of Federal to non- Federal funds on a One-to-One basis
  • Provides for reapportionment to other Eligible Institutions within the same state of McIntire-Stennis funds that are not matched
  • Indirect costs (Facilities and Administration costs) are not allowable contributions to satisfy matching requirements

Cost Allowability: Generally, funds may be used to support an approved McIntire-Stennis funded project or program if the use benefits that program or project and follows the guidelines set forth in OMB Circular A-21.

  • Indirect costs and tuition remission are not allowable costs
  • Funds can only be used for paying salaries or wages for activities involving forest research on approved projects-must show allocability to an approved particular McIntire-Stennis funded program or project
  • The cost principles prescribed by OMB Circular A-21 are *generally applicable for determining the allowability of costs charged to McIntire Stennis funds. See administrative manual for deviations from A-21.

A full copy of the administrative manual can be found on the Administrative Manual for the McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Program resource page