NIFA State Liaison Assignments

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A list of the FY 2018 NIFA National Program Leader (NPL) State Liaison Assignments. For FY 2018, NIFA National Program Leaders who are assigned as State Liaisons will only review a single AREERA Annual Report of Accomplishments and Results submitted by their assigned state. For states with multiple Land-Grant institutions (1862s and 1890s), this means a single Annual Report will reflect all institutions’ combined accomplishments. NIFA has waived the requirement for 2018-2022 Plans of Work to be submitted by the states; therefore, State Liaisons will not be required to review Plans of Work. (Note: Some states carry two NPLs as State Liaisons. The primary (P) is responsible for the review of Annual Reports while the secondary (S) serves in an understudy capacity.)

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