Official Documents & Guidelines

Tactical Science: Continuing the Commitment

A NIFA-authored, concise document serving to focus future dialogue around the tactical science topic entitled: “Tactical Science: Continuing the Commitment." This document resulted from more detailed programmatic analysis and further conversations with affected stakeholders.

FY 2017 Ag Extension at 1890 Land-Grant Institutions Appendix A Final

The purpose of this capacity grant funding is to support agricultural and forestry extension activities at 1890 Land-Grant Universities, including Tuskegee University and West Virginia State University.

CGIAR Collaboration

An exchange of letters between NIFA and CGIAR fosters international collaboration.

NIFA Research Misconduct Policy Procedure

NIFA Research Misconduct Policy Procedure

Positive Youth Development Point of Departure

On August 3rd and 4th, the University of Georgia, Fort Valley State University, and NIFA hosted a Call to Conversation regarding Positive Youth Development (PYD) that was framed by a “Point of Departure” document. The main point taken up at the Georgia meeting was: 4-H reaches roughly 1 in 12 youth in the United States. While other PYD organizations serve some other children, there are still approximately 14 million youth who are under-served or unserved for PYD programming. How do we build on historical successes as we look to scale up to meet the demands of the future while ensuring both equity and a high rate of return, i.e., impact?

CATIE Memorandum of Understanding

In 2016, the United States Department of Agriculture signed a memorandum of understanding with the Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center.

EFNEP Partner Websites - 2017

This chart contains hyperlinks to states' and territories' program descriptions and contact information.

EFNEP Volunteer Policy Resources

These documents include the June 2017 EFNEP Volunteer Policy and the June 2017 EFNEP Volunteer Criteria.

EFNEP Technology Policy Resources

These documents include EFNEP technology policy, supporting documentation, and a concept map.

NIFA Application Guide

A Guide for Preparation and Submission of NIFA Applications via