REEport Capacity Review Tracking

Friday, April 12, 2019

The purpose of this document is to allow REEport Site Administrators the capability to look up the appropriate NIFA contact to make inquiries about the review status for any Capacity project that has been in a state of "Pending Review" for more than 30 days. This record will be updated approximately every two weeks and will be current as of the date listed on the page. To make an inquiry:

  • Open the document and locate the project in question, then view the name listed under the "NIFA Routing Assignment" column. This name represents the NIFA staff member the project was last assigned to, as of the date the report was generated.
  • Use the NIFA website Search Utility (magnifying glass icon) in the upper right-hand of this page, or anywhere on the website, and search for the NIFA staff member by name to locate their contact information.
  • Contact the reviewer directly with questions about the review status for your project.

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