Sample Application Training Module

Saturday, January 31, 2015

What this module can do

This training model gives you experience with using without having to go to the live site.  This resource is primarily for new applicants. It allows them to explore and get comfortable with's automated features without worrying about making a mistake in a live application.   Returning applicants may use this resource to train new faculty members or to provide revised NIFA budget information in response to an agency request.  You will be able to draft and save an entire proposal using this module. You can show it to supervisors prior to filing. Once an applicant feels confident with technology they can save their application draft and go to the live site to file it with NIFA. Applicants should draft their proposals using the Request for Applications (RFA) that NIFA provides for each funding opportunity. Go to NIFA's program page

What this module cannot do

YOU CANNOT submit applications to NIFA with the module.  This tool is a training and drafting device only. Once applicants feel confident they can choose the website below to file their proposal. Be sure to refer to the Request for Applications which will help you locate funding opportunity numbers so that you can download

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