VMLRP Intent of Employment (NIFA-07-10)

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

This form designates where the applicant intends to work in a designated shortage situation.


A map of designated veterinary shortage situations is posted on the VMLRP web site prior to the opening of the VMLRP application period. An applicant may apply for only one shortage situation.

Section 1 – Provide information on the shortage situation the applicant intends to fill upon receipt of a VMLRP award. The applicant must identify the designated veterinary shortage situation he/she intends to fill by entering the five-digit Shortage Identification Code. The code is provided in the list of designated veterinary shortage situations. Additionally, provide contact information for the prospective employer/hiring official.

Section 2 – This section must be completed by the hiring official. The hiring official’s signature certifies the applicant’s ability to secure an offer of employment or establish and/or maintain a practice in a veterinary shortage situation.

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