VMLRP Loan Information Form (NIFA-04-10)

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

This form requests information on qualified loans you want considered for the VMLRP. Only outstanding educational loans from a legally enforceable institutional, State or Government education loan made for the purpose of meeting the costs of attending an accredited college or university of Veterinary Medicine will be considered. If you have qualified loans with different loan servicers, complete this form for each loan servicer. For example, if you have two loans with Sallie Mae and six loans with ECSI, you should complete two Loan Information Forms, one for Sallie Mae and one for ECSI.


Section 1 – Provide the name and address of the loan servicing agency for the loan(s) you wish to be considered for repayment. Also enter your Social Security Number (SSN). Your SSN will be used to verify your identity and determine your eligibility for loan repayment.

Section 2 – Provide details on your loan including the original loan amount (at time loan was originated), date of loan (mm/dd/yyyy), payoff information (current balance of your loan and the date of the balance), and the current interest rate of your loan. Also provide details on the current repayment status of your loan. Include the loan type (e.g., Stafford, Perkins, Consolidated, Private, etc.). If you are completing the form for a group of loans, enter the total amount and the earliest date (first loan) where appropriate.

Section 3 – The applicant’s signature in this section provides authorization to lenders and their collection agents to disclose information on the applicant’s loans, including the loans’ repayment status.

Section 4 – This section asks your lender to sign to certify the accuracy of the information provided in Sections 1-3 of this form. This section must be completed by an authorized representative of the institution currently servicing the loan(s). The Federal Tax Identification Number (or EIN) is also required prior to the disbursement of the first payment to this lender on behalf of the participant (successful applicant).

Sections 1-3 must be completed prior to the application deadline.

Additionally for each group of loans, you need to provide:

1. Promissory note(s)
2. Account statement
3. A report from the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)

These documents should have the following identifying information: SSN, name, and address.

PLEASE NOTE that the VMLRP will only repay debt incurred at an institution that is accredited at the time of attendance and graduation. If an institution received full accreditation status during the participating individual’s attendance at said institution, only the portion of veterinary school loans that were disbursed subsequent to the institution’s date of accreditation shall be repaid by the VMLRP. This includes any scenario involving an individual transferring from a non-accredited institution to an accredited institution. Applicants with a degree from an institution that was not accredited at the time the degree was earned remain ineligible for award. This is regardless of the fact that the applicant may have attended an accredited institution prior to transferring to a non-accredited institution from which they received their DVM.

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