VMLRP Personal Statement (NIFA-02-10)

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Personal Statement includes a discussion of applicant knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience relative to the shortage situation.


The Personal Statement must include a description of the applicant’s short- and long-term career objectives in veterinary medicine and a plan to achieve these objectives, along with relevant knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, practice plans and logistics relevant to addressing the specific shortage situation.

Renewal applicants should use the personal statement to present a progress report beginning with the start date of the applicant’s current or most recent VMLRP award. Information should describe how the applicant has effectively addressed the specific shortage situation; how renewing the award would affect the applicant’s ability to continue mitigating this shortage situation; and how renewal will contribute to short- and/or long-term career objectives.

This document must not exceed five double-spaced typed or word-processed pages with one-inch margins using an easily readable (e.g., Geneva, Helvetica, Times New Roman), 12-point font. Only one side of a standard size (8 ½” x 11”) white paper should be used. This limit has been established to ensure fair and equitable evaluation. The applicant’s name, page number, and the date must be included in the header on each page of the document.

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