Mervalin Morant, Ph.D.

National Program Leader
2342 Waterfront Centre
Phone Number:
(202) 401-6602
Fax Number:
(202) 401-6488

Dr. Morant provides leadership in research, education, and extension programs related to food science and food safety issues. Drawing on, for example, applied and basic plant pathology, and plant and soil science knowledge, Mervalin applies a multi-disciplinary, systems approach to address disease-related challenges in the food and agricultural sciences, from farm-to-fork. Mervalin has been with the Department of Agriculture for 13 years, having served as the National Program Leader for Soil Ecology and currently, the Food Safety Challenge and the Foundational Area Antimicrobial Resistance programs.

She received her Ph.D. in Botany and Plant Pathology from Purdue University and her BS and MS degrees in Plant and Soil Science from Tuskegee Institute. Mervalin was also a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the University of Illinois (UIUC) in the Department of Plant Pathology, where she focused on understanding host-microbe interactions at the molecular level.

Subject Expertise: Microbial Ecology, Antimicrobial Resistance, Plant & Soil Science, Plant Pathology, Food Safety

Topic Expertise:
Soil, Plant Health, Food Safety