Meryl Broussard

Associate Director for Programs
305-A Whitten Building
Phone Number:
(202) 720-4423
Fax Number:
(202) 720-8987

Meryl serves as the Associate Director for Programs. In coordination with the Director of NIFA and the Associate Director for Operations, Meryl shares the responsibility for providing national leadership and direction for NIFA's science and federal assistance programs. In addition, he shares responsibilities in working with university partners and other cooperators and customers to advance the mission of research, education, and extension programs in the food and agricultural sciences. Meryl participates fully in the leadership and direction in the formulation of broad, national policies needed to implement NIFA's research, education, and extension programs.

As a key member of the Director’s leadership team together with the Associate Director for Operations, the Meryl serves as advisor, agency expert, and as a senior official in decision-making concerning Agency direction and policies. In addition, he has line responsibilities for providing leadership in the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of major research, education, and extension programs supported by NIFA. Specifically, Meryl provides leadership and management oversight for the four Science Institutes, the Center for International Programs, and the Planning, Accountability and Reporting Staff.