Otto Gonzalez

A Photo of Otto Gonzalez
Director of the Center for International Programs
2434 Waterfront Centre
Phone Number:
(202) 720-3801
Mobile Phone Number:
(202) 603-6645

As Director of the Center for International Programs (CIP), Dr. Gonzalez sees his role as helping to bring NIFA to the world and the world to NIFA. Our CIP staff in cooperation with NIFA’s four institutes works to enhance the ability of NIFA and the institutions it serves to engage globally and advance U.S. agriculture, and to address priority agricultural issues of global concern. We strengthen connections with international organizations and institutions with whom NIFA can both share and gain information useful in its collaboration with U.S. colleges and universities in research, education, and extension.

Before joining NIFA, Dr. Gonzalez has served as a Special Projects Officer/International Agricultural Development Specialist for the Office of Capacity Building and Development (OCBD) in the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) where he led international technical assistance activities to build capacity in natural resource management, agriculture, and rural development. Dr. Gonzalez earned his BS in Biological Sciences and MS in Biology from Fordham University in Bronx, NY. He earned his PhD in Natural Resources and Environment from the University of Michigan, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.