Rachel Melnick

this picture is a head shot or Dr. Rachel Melnick, National Program Leader at USDA NIFA
National Program Leader
3182 Waterfront Centre
Phone Number:
(202) 401-4980
Mobile Phone Number:
(202) 570-1983
Fax Number:
(202) 401-1782

Rachel is a National Program Leader directing competitive and capacity programs. She is the USDA NIFA lead for the joint NSF-NIFA INFEWS solicitation, lead for the USDA Small Business Innovation Research: Crop Production and Protection - Engineering program area, and team member for the AFRI Resilient Agroecosystems in a Changing Climate Challenge Area. She is also USDA representative to the IWG-HABHRCA, USDA staff member to Interagency Artic Research Policy Committee, and a member of the National Plant Germplasm Coordinating Committee (NPGCC).