Sustainable Bioproduct Initiative Project (SUBI)

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Sustainable Bioproduct Initiative (SUBI): A Regional Program for Production of Multiple Agricultural Feedstocks and Processing to Biofuels and Biobased Chemicals led by Louisiana State University (LSU) AgCenter is using energy cane and sweet sorghum to produce butanol, aviation fuel, and other industrial chemicals.

The project involves a team of university and industry partners led by the LSU AgCenter, studying the regular production of biomass for economically viable conversion to biofuels and bioenergy using existing refinery infrastructure. Through new and existing industrial partnerships, this project is using energy cane and sweet sorghum to help reinvigorate the Louisiana sugar and chemical industries. 

SUBI is helping to expand the southern regional agricultural sector by utilizing sweet sorghum and energy cane to produce butanol, gasoline, isoprene and byproduct chemicals. Ultimately, the project is contributing significantly to improving rural prosperity and job creation in the region.

For more information, visit the LSU website.